GUP Directors Celebrate!

All our Global and Urban Partnership Directors gathered last week for 4 days of debrief and training in Ontario.  Great stories about ALL the GUPs!

Saturday we had two cakes made to CELEBRATE the Wedding of Matthew and Francess Brima!!  Matthew Brima is the General Secretary of the Sierra Leone Fellowship of Evangelical Students.  We could not all make the wedding, but we sure did celebrate in their honour!  (And the mocha cake I’m holding was very rich! — thanks again Julie!)

Our GUPs will grow again in 2013 to a total of 14!  We aim to have 150 students out this summer on GUPs.  There will be a draw this year to win as much as $2000 towards a GUP in 2013, you just have to……

…. Attend Urbana!  Register today at

(seriously we’re going to have a GUP draw.  Come to Urbana and the IVCF exhibit booth and find out more…)

— Steve Colby, Director of Missions

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Director of Missions, IVCF Canada
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